Take Time To Visit The Best Three Bars In Uptown Dallas

Dallas has a great collection of Uptown bars but some stand out above the rest. Since everyone has different likes and dislikes, which three bars are the best changes with the people one may ask. There are great Dallas tourist, bar, and restaurant rating sites online. By comparing several sites in advance of a night out on the town, one can get a good idea which three bars will be their best bets. The next week three different great bars may seem like great destinations. Bars that appear on more than one site as being superior are good choices.

The Best Bars In Uptown

Three of the Best Bars in Uptown Dallas include the Long Shots, Chocolate Secrets, and The Gingerman. The Quarter Bar and the Concrete cowboy are also contenders for best bar in Uptown Dallas. There are more notable bars to check out as time goes on.

  • The Long Shots Bar on Mckinney Ave. has both good foods and great drinks. Its customers love the all night arcade game playing for a $10 cover charge. This bar is known for its extensive selection of wines and ciders. How can anyone complain about being able to drink and play arcade games for a whole evening? They are known for their friendly, quick service.
  • Chocolate Secrets is a winner for anyone who loves chocolate. This is basically a gourmet chocolate shop that also has a casual cafe and bar. It would be a great place to have a date night or a casual cafe experience where one can drink. They have four kinds of hot chocolate, gourmet coffees, wine, and beer. Top that experience off with great music and good service and there is a winner. They have cakes as well as chocolates for patrons to enjoy. The fancy colorful truffles are especially sought after by patrons. One can run in to purchase gourmet chocolates as a gift without staying to have a drink.
  • A Bar Called The Ginger Man is also very popular. It offers beers, ciders, and wines to its patrons. There are many great beers on tap. The casual pub-like atmosphere appeals to many customers. One of this establishment’s claims to fame is the weekly trivia nights. Some patrons go there every week for trivia nights. There are also enjoyable snacks available. This Irish pub also has a jukebox box and dart boards.
  • The Concrete Cowboy is a large bar with both indoor and patio space. It has areas for private events such as bachelor parties, birthday parties, and corporate events. This large sports bar has decor that combines contemporary and rustic elements. People who like to watch sports and other programs on large flat screen TVs are in luck here. They also boast DJ, live music, and dancing. Another feature that draws some patrons is the ride service with limousines.
  • The Quarter Bar has a great upstairs patio with great views of the Dallas skyline. It has bar food and whole meals delivered from its sister business the Breadwinner’s Cafe’. There are many fine beer selections and specialty drinks. It is decorated to look and feel like the French quarter in New Orleans. There are a pool table and other entertainment available to patrons in this casual atmosphere.

Remember to always think ahead when planning a night on the town. There needs to be a sober designated driver or a ride service arranged for in advance. No one wants a fun evening to end tragically. By all means, go out and try new quality bars in Uptown Dallas. Have a great time and then give them reviews online as a guide for other people. For more information, go to the website.